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Z50 Lanyard System-Safariland

    Z50 Lanyard System


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      Z50 - Includes a lanyard with a spring clip to attach directly to the flashlight's pocket clip lanyard loop. The lanyard is made from grey 550 parachute-cord and equipped with two cord locks and a cord fastener. For safety, the fastener is designed to break away if the lanyard or light is pulled on with extreme force.

      Fits: E2D-BK, E2E, L5-HA-WH, E1E-HA, E2L-HA-WH, E2DL-BK-NRA, E2DL-BK, L1, E1L-HA-WH, L4-HA-WH, C2L-HA, E1B, C2, A2 Models, M2-Package, E2LAA-HA-WH, C3

      • Adjustable length
      • Designed to break away under extreme force
      • Attaches directly to pocket clip
      • Available in: Grey