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V85A Polymer Speed Holster-Safariland

    V85A Polymer Speed Holster

    Product Code: V85A

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      V85A - The V85A Speed Holster, integral to SureFire's Tactical Trinity system for law enforcement, was developed for police officers, and anyone who needs to deploy their flashlight rapidly. This reliable holster—which holds the flashlight, bezel down, at a quick—draw angleallows an operator to rapidly deploy the light and pair with a pistol, saving valuable time in high-stress situations. The rugged V85A accommodates both right- and left-handed operators and angles to suit an operator's personal preferences or meet department standards. It holds any SureFire flashlight with a 1.25 inch aluminum bezel while an integrated battery compartment stores three spare 123A lithium batteries. The V85A holster, based on the V85 model, features a unique cut-away design that exposes more of a light's body, making it easier to grab hold of a compact (two-cell) 1.25 inch aluminum-bezel SureFire light like the 6P LED. It works well with longer three-cell lights but was designed expressly for shorter two-cell SureFire lights.

      Fits: G2L-FYL, Z2L-BK, G2LF-FYL KIT02, G2X-A-BK, G2X-B-BK, 6PX-A-BK, 6PX-B-BK, S2-BK-WH, AZ2-BK-WH, 6PDL-BK, G3L-FYL, G3L-BK, 6PL-BK, G2ZL, G2-LED, 9P-BK, 6PD-BK, G2Z, 6P, G3-BK, G2, G2Z-BK-NR, C2L-HA

      • Holster can be angled to maximize draw speed
      • Rugged polymer construction built for everyday duty
      • Ambidextrous design allows for right- and left-handed use
      • Integrated battery compartment holds three spare 123A lithium batteries (not included)
      • Fits various duty belt widths up to 2.25"