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MR11 Adapter Mount-Safariland

    MR11 Adapter Mount


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      MR11 - The MR11 attaches to all rail-less variations of the Beretta 92 pistol,: including the government M9,: and the Beretta 96,: providing the rail necessary to mount the SureFire X Series WeaponLights. With the MR11 attached,: the X Series WeaponLights can be easily slid off your pistol,: carried separately,: and slid on again when needed.

      The MR11 fits snugly and securely to the pistol. This lightweight,: low-profile mount is slim enough to allow the pistol plus mount to fit most holsters made for the Beretta 92. May not fit custom-molded holsters. Made from very high strength 7000 series aluminum; many competition mounts are made out 6000 series,: which has about half the strength. Design allows tightening or removal of the MR11 with a cartridge rim - no hex wrench necessary. Trigger guard locking wedge is energy absorbent polyurethane,: avoiding metal-to-metal contact. A spacer shim is provided to accommodate manufacturing variations in the trigger guard thickness (e.g. the M9). Features an anti-chafing pad to prevent scoring of the dust cover.

      • Slim design allows holstering pistol-plus-mount in most pistol-appropriate holsters
      • Anti-chafing pad prevents dust cover damage
      • Construction: ultra high-strength 7000-series aluminum