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MR07 Adapter Mount-Safariland

    MR07 Adapter Mount


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      MR07 - The MR07 attaches to any standard rail-less 1911-type pistol with GI-type trigger guard, providing the rail necessary to mount the SureFire X Series WeaponLights. With the MR07 attached, the X Series WeaponLights can be easily slid off your pistol, carried separately, and slid on again when needed. The MR07 also allows mounting SureFire P107, P117C, P117D, W117C, and W117D WeaponLights.

      The MR07 fits snugly and securely to the pistol. This lightweight, low-profile mount is slim enough to allow the pistol plus mount to fit softened GI-type holsters. May not fit custom-molded holsters. Made from very high strength 7000 series aluminum; many competition mounts are made from 6000 series, which has about half the strength. Attaches via modified slide stop and pin assembly machined from pre-hardened chrome-molybdenum steel. Pin fit is match-grade. Trigger guard locking wedge is energy absorbent polyurethane, avoiding metal-to-metal contact, and can be tightened with a cartridge rim - no hex wrench necessary. A spacer shim is provided to accommodate manufacturing variations in the trigger guard thickness (e.g. the Colt Gold Cup). Features an anti-chafing pad to prevent scoring of the dust cover.

      • Secure semi-permanent mount
      • Slim design allows holstering pistol-plus-mount in many softer holsters
      • Anti-chafing pad prevents dust cover damage
      • Construction: Ultra high-strength 7000-series aluminum